Welcome to McMannen!

Thanks for visiting our website! We hope it helps you get a taste for what the people at McMannen have already discovered -- God's love is real and abundant, and McMannen is no ordinary place.  


McMannen is a friendly, family-oriented, growing church that moves forward with a deep resolve to proclaim the gospel of Christ and to become increasingly involved in mission outreach. We invite you to share our faith and our fellowship.

Sunday Worship at 8:45a and 11a

Sunday School at 10a

Share Your Christmas

McMannen proudly supports families during the Christmas season. We have several families left and are looking for sponors?  Don't want to shop? Just make a donation and someone else will do the shopping for you!

Click on the list to choose your family, then CONTACT Fred Cooke at fhcooke@aol.com to let him know your selection and to be sure that family has not been taken.    All gifts are due back to the Fellowship Hall by DECEMBER 8.  Instructions can be found here on wrapping and packaging.  Tags for the packages can be found here.