Tuesday Nights @ 7p in the Choir Room

An oasis is a place of life in the desert where weary travelers can access water.  Consequently, they are hubs of economic and social life.  In many ways, our world is like the dessert, and it can be draining and difficult to wander through it alone.  Just like the oasis of old, Oasis is a place to gather, connect and refresh.

Come just as you are  for a time of fellowship, prayer and study. We meet every Tuesday night @ 7p typically in the Choir Room at McMannen.  Some weeks we dive into the Bible, others we spend chatting and catching up.  Most weeks, we do a bit of both.  New people are always welcome, and we would love to have you join us!

In addition to our weekly Oasis group, the Young Adults also plan monthly social events where we enjoy food, fun and fellowship together.

These meetings take many forms, from catching up over pizza to toasting marshmallows around a bonfire or enjoying a good hike. Whatever we are doing we aim to share the peace of Christ by simply relaxing and having fun together.

For more information on upcoming events, contact Jenny Kandl (jcekandl@gmail.com) or check out our Facebook group