New Here?

When you visit McMannen, you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will gladly welcome you. Attire isn't important. 
  • Special needs? Let us help you. 
  • Difficult life situation? You're among friends who care.  
  • Searching for answers? We'll search with you. 
  • Want more than Sunday morning? We've got things going all the time.
  • Preaching and teaching that is centered on the Word of God
  • Ministries striving to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our community
  • An outlet for truth-filled and inspiring worship
  • An expectation that the Spirit of God moves regardless of musical forms and styles
  • A worship style that is usually traditional but graced with frequent appearances by guests and other musical genres

Come As You Are

Friends of McMannen come from many walks of life and are journeying through many diverse circumstances. You may find yourself sitting next to a couple who has been married over 60 years or next to a single mother and her child. We welcome and worship with landscapers and landlords, with renters and retirees, with preschool parents and empty-nesters. You may be sitting between a teenager in shorts and a distinguished-looking gentleman in a double-breasted suit. So, there isn't much of a dress code -- Come as you are!

As you greet one another, you're almost certain to see a smile and be offered a hug.  If you would rather keep to yourself, that's fine, too.  All are welcome!