Welcome to Our Online Worship

Welcome to McMannen UMC Online worship.  Due to the Coronavirus and until further notice, we invite you to join us online for worship on Sunday mornings. We may not be able to meet together physically, but that’s not going to stop us from rallying together spiritually.  Join us online for a special time of worship and a message from Pastor Donna Banks.

Introduction - Pastor Donna Banks


Opening Prayer

God of all heaven and earth,

    we your humble children invoke your blessing on us.

We adore you, whose name is love,

   whose nature is compassion, whose presence is joy,

   whose Word is truth, whose Spirit is goodness,

   whose holiness is beauty, whose will is peace,

   whose service is perfect freedom,

   and in knowledge of whom stands our eternal life.

Unto you be all honor and all glory;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Opening Song


Prayer of Illumination

All-knowing God, you have satisfied our hunger at

sunset  and held us close through nights of wrestling. 

Now let the day break with your blessing.

Awaken and illumine us by your Word

that we may behold your likeness. Amen.


Genesis 32:22-31

Proclamation Introduction


Proclamation - Reverend Donna Banks


Closing Song



Christ himself, who holds you in his hands,

has blessed you, and given you as his gift

to the world.   May the grace of Christ be

multiplied in you and through you, 

   now and forever. Amen.

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