To see the Church Calendar, just click the photo.  The following occur weekly:

Sunday:                      Worship 8:45 am and 11:00 am

                                          Sunday School 10:00-10:40 am

Monday:                    PrimeTimer's Exercise 10:30 am    

                                          Young Adults 6:30 pm                              

Tuesday:                    Church committee meetings - typically 6:30 pm or 7 pm

Wednesday:           Staff meeting 10:00 am

                                           PrimeTimer's Exercise 10:30 am

                                           Choir Practice 7:00 pm


The weekly newsletter, The Proclamation, is published weekly and emailed. It contains the week's calendar.   If you would like a hard-copy,  please contact Anggie in the church office.

The monthly newsletter, The Messenger, contains the events for the upcoming month and a letter from the pastor. It is also emailed, with printed copies available upon request.